Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction refers to the problem where a man is unable to get or maintain an erection sufficient for a satisfactory sexual activity. It is a common difficulty, increasing with age, but can occur in any age group. Sadly, there are many men who unnecessarily “suffer in silence”.

We are happy to consult with men who are experiencing erection problems that are new or previously treated. You may never have discussed this issue before. Equally, we recognise that you may have already discussed this with a doctor or other health professional, or even with friends. You may have been prescribed medication, or bought some over the internet (we would advise against this). Sometimes however, the medication does not work, or may give intolerable side effects. In many cases, medication does not address the many potential underlying causes of erectile dysfunction: these can be physical, psychological, or often a mixture of both.

Possible physical causes are numerous, and important to identify. They include cardiovascular conditions (involving the heart and blood vessels), diabetes, neurological conditions, hormonal problems (including low testosterone / hypogonadism), previous surgery or radiotherapy, other medications, smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, and more.

Psychological causes include depression, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, etc.
There are several options available to treat erectile dysfunction, and they are not limited to taking tablets. There are a number of medical options. In addition, this approach is sometimes helped by exploring psychosexual counselling or therapy (often known as “sex therapy”). We would be happy to explore all options for you, after carefully looking for any of the underlying causes, which may be correctable.

There are several options available to manage these issues, and we would be happy to discuss these with you at our clinics in London and Brighton. Please contact us for an appointment.